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Modellansatz Podcast: Cerebral Fluid Flow

Folge 134 - Cerebral Fluid Flow

Der Modellansatz: Cerebral Fluid Flow , Bild M. Rognes,  Komposition S. Ritterbusch

This is one of two conversations which Gudrun Thäter recorded alongside the conference Women in PDEs which took place at our Department in Karlsruhe on 27-28 April 2017.

Marie Elisabeth Rognes was one of the seven invited speakers.

Marie is Chief Research Scientist at the Norwegian research laboratory Simula near Oslo. She is Head of department for Biomedical Computing there. Marie got her university education with a focus on Applied Mathematics, Mechanics and Numerical Physics as well as her PhD in Applied mathematics at the Centre for Mathematics for Applications in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Oslo.

Her work is devoted to providing robust methods to solve Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) for diverse applications. On the one hand this means that from the mathematical side she works on numerical analysis, optimal control, robust Finite Element software as well as Uncertainty quantification while on the other hand she is very much interested in the modeling with the help of PDEs and in particular Mathematical models of physiological processes. These models are useful to answer What if type-questions much more easily than with the help of laboratory experiments.

In our conversation we discussed one of the many applications - Cerebral fluid flow, i.e. fluid flow in the context of the human brain.

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