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Fakultät für Mathematik

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
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Nachwuchsgruppe: Numerical multiscale methods

The aims of this project are the numerical analysis and simulation of partial differential equations with multiscale character. A vast number of technological applications is based on the mathematical understanding and numerical simulation of acoustic, elastic, or electromagnetic waves. In many cases, the involved materials exhibit a multiscale structure that cannot be computationally resolved even by modern computer facilities.

Typically, the global or macroscopic response of the material can theoretically be well represented with a computational model of moderate size that does not resolve all the fine features in the multiscale material. But such upscaled or homogenized models need the knowledge of the effective material behaviour and it is the computation of these effective material coefficients that makes the numerical simulation of heterogeneous materials challenging. The project focusses on poro- and visco-elastic models as well as optical materials.

Personen in der Nachwuchsgruppe Numerical Multiscale Methods
Name Tel. E-Mail
0721 608 47657 philip.freese@kit.edu