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Department of Mathematics

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Prof. Dr. Marlis Hochbruck was awarded the Faculty Teaching Prize of the KIT Faculty of Mathematics for her lecture Exponential Integrators (winter semester 2017/18). In this course, Ms Hochbruck implemented the principle of research-oriented teaching at KIT in an exemplary manner, since in addition to classical theory, highly topical research topics were also dealt with and recently achieved results were discussed. Although the topics of the lecture have a high degree of difficulty, Ms Hochbruck succeeded in conveying a high degree of understanding to her audience. Thanks to the excellent, constantly updated lecture notes, students did not have to take notes and could fully concentrate on the contents. Ms Hochbruck developed details on the blackboard, but used the beamer in parallel to bring earlier sentences, interim results or models to light again. It took into account the individual previous knowledge of the participants and created an open atmosphere in which questions were expressly desired.

Another special feature of her lecture style is that she intersperses at least one exercise task per lecture, which is worked on directly by the listeners, whereby Ms Hochbruck gives individual assistance. The spectrum of tasks ranged from the verification of requirements to the application of sentences and definitions to the development of own ideas for proof. The exercises held by Dr. David Hipp and Dr. Andreas Sturm were also highly praised by the students.

The Faculty Teaching Award was presented during the 2018 KIT Anniversary Celebration.