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Request to be Accepted as Doctoral Candidate

pursuant to § 11 (2) of the doctoral regulations as of 27/07/2016

The request is to be made in the form of an informal letter addressed to the doctoral committee of the Department of Mathematics.

Enclosed with the letter should be the following documents:

  • Degree certificates of Diploma or Master’s degree.
  • An account of the professional and scientific career (CV).
  • Details of the intended field of work or the subject of the dissertation.
  • A statement pursuant to Appendix 5a of the doctoral regulations.
  • A written doctoral agreement between the doctoral candidate and the supervisor.
  • The receipt of the registration at KHYS – Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists.
  • Applicants holding a Master's or Diploma degree of a foreign university or with a major other than mathematics have to apply for acceptance of their degree as an admission prerequisit pursuant to §4 (2) or (3), resp.
  • Applicants holding a Bachelor’s degree or a degree issued by a university of applied sciences or cooperative education have to provide evidence of their scientific qualifications pursuant to §4 (5) or (6) of the doctoral regulations.

Further details can be found in the doctoral regulations under §11 (2)!