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Explanatory Handout to the Doctoral Regulations of the Department of Mathematics as of 27/07/2016, Regarding the Procedure

1. At the start of their dissertation project, every doctoral candidate of the Department of Mathematics applies at the deanery to be accepted as doctoral candidate. Details regarding this process can be found in § 11 of the doctoral regulations.
A written supervision agreement between the doctoral candidate and the supervisor is to be enclosed with the application.
The precise form of the application and the supervision agreement is explained under Admission as Doctoral Candidate.

2. To allow for a reasonable scheduling of doctoral examinations the Dean’s office should be notified about dissertation projects likely to be completed during the upcoming semester before the end of the lecture period of the current semester and should be given a desired time frame for the examination. This notification is not binding and can be revoked at any time.

3. Declaration of a specific date for the colloquium is carried out under consideration of the dates still available at that time and no later than 10 weeks before the desired date. At the same instance the proposed examiners are to be named and in case of an external examination report their contact details and exact academic titles (e.g. „Dr. rer. nat.“ and „Professor für Theoretische Teilchenphysik“ etc.) have to be provided.
One of the examiners has to be from within the department, and it should be assured that two examiners may be present during the colloquium. Outstanding achievements should be affirmed by an additional external examination report.
At the same time (10 weeks prior to the desired date) a request to defend the dissertation is handed in at the Admissions Office (see doctoral regulations § 13).
You can find a more detailed description of the request to defend your dissertation under Request to Defend a Dissertation.

4. No later than 4 weeks prior to the appointed colloquium a copy of the dissertation is to be handed in at the Dean’s office both in electronic form and as hard copy. After this submission all named examiners are requested by the Dean’s office to write an examination report. The doctoral candidate is responsible for a proof copy of the dissertation to be available to every examiner at this point. After this and prior to the 14-day display period it is only possible to exchange the file copy upon approval by the examiners.

5. At the same time the Dean's office asks the spokespersons of the institutes to nominate a member of the examination board. The nominations are to be handed in at the Dean's office no later than one day before the 14-day display period specified by the doctoral regulations begins.

6. By the same day, all examination reports have to have been submitted to the Dean’s office both in electronic form and as hard copy.
The main supervisor is responsible for the adherence to this time limit.