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Request to Defend a Dissertation

pursuant to § 5 of the doctoral regulations as of 30/11/2012

The request is to be made in the form of an informal letter addressed to the dean and handed in at the Admissions Office no later than 10 weeks prior to the appointed colloquium.

The letter should contain the following statements:

  • A statement regarding previous or currently ongoing doctorate procedures.
  • A statement that the rules of good scientific practice set out by the KIT have been adhered to in their respectively valid version (Satzung als .pdf).
  • A statement about the desired kind of oral exam.
  • A statement, whether the members of the department are admitted to the colloquium (§10, Abs. 5 of the doctoral regulations).

Enclosed with the letter should be the following documents:

  • Degree certificates of Diploma, Master or Bachelor.
  • Applicants holding a Bachelor’s degree or a degree issued by a university of applied sciences or cooperative education have to provide evidence of their scientific qualifications pursuant to §3 (3) of the doctoral regulations.
  • An account of your professional and scientific career (CV).
  • Evidence of at least one year as academic staff of the KIT (employment contract) or of at least two semesters as a student at the KIT (certificate of registration).
  • A list of all scientific publications by the applicant (publication list).
  • A statutory declaration pursuant to Appendix 3 of the doctoral regulations (.doc|.pdf).
  • An instruction pursuant to Appendix 4 of the doctoral regulations signed by the applicant (.doc|.pdf).
  • A recent certificate of conduct according to the Bundeszentralregistergesetz.

In practice, the procedure regarding the 3 copies of the dissertation mentioned in §5 of the doctoral regulations is:
2 (3 if applicable) of the copies may be handed directly to the examiners, the 3rd, respectively 4th, copy should be handed in as a file copy at the Dean’s office no later than 4 weeks prior to the colloquium.