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Planning of Dates of Doctorates

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1. Upon agreement with their supervisor, doctoral candidates can enter a first date desired and up to two alternative dates for their colloquium in the calendar. Note the deadline of ten weeks for application for admission to the doctoral examination. Several persons can enter their wishes for the same day.

2. During the lecture period, the first dates desired must be on Wednesdays. If this is impossible for special reasons, contact the Doctoral Admissions Committee.

3. Times, at which no doctorates are possible, are blocked by the Chairperson. Doctoral candidates, who have already entered a date desired at these times, will be informed accordingly.

4. All accepted doctoral candidates are requested by mail by the Department Head / Doctoral Admissions Committee to enter their dates desired for the next three months by a given deadline. Based on the dates entered by the doctoral candidates, the Doctoral Admissions Committee plans the doctorates for the next three months and informs the doctoral candidates accordingly.

5. All doctoral candidates registered are given a colloquium date that is not earlier than their first date desired and not later than ten days after their last date desired.

6. If a doctorate is planned to take place on a day other than Wednesday, the person responsible for reserving a room will be specified.

7. Finally, the dates agreed will be marked in the calendar (blocked) and the other dates desired by those who have received a date will be deleted.