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Promotionen 2023

  • Herr M. Sc. Niklas Baumgarten
Titel:“A Fully Parallelized and Budgeted Multi-level Monte Carlo Framework for Partial Differential Equations”
Referent:Prof. Dr. Christian Wieners
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Tobias Jahnke
Kolloquium: 08.02.2023

  • Herr M. Sc. Johannes Resin
Titel:“Model Diagnostics meets Forecast Evaluation: Goodness-of-Fit, Calibration, and Related Topics”
Referent:Prof. Dr. Tilmann Gneiting
Korreferent:Prof.i.R. Dr. Norbert Henze
Kolloquium: 15.02.2023

  • Herr M. Sc. Sebastian Plenz
Titel:“Minima und untere Schranken der Volumenentropie singulärer Räume”
Referent:Prof Dr. Enrico Leuzinger
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Alexander Lytchak
Korreferent:PD. Dr. Gabriele Link
Kolloquium: 22.03.2023

  • Frau M. Sc. Pia Katharina Stammer
Titel:“Uncertainty quantification and numerical methods in charged particle radiation therapy”
Referent:Prof Dr. Martin Frank
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Mathias Trabs
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Oliver Jäkel, DKFZ Heidelberg
Kolloquium: 22.03.2023

  • Herr M. Sc. Steffen Schotthöfer
Titel:“Synergies between Numerical methods for Kinetic Equations and Neural Networks”
Referent:Prof Dr. Martin Frank
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Andre Platzer (KASTEL)
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Cory Hauck, Oak Ridge (USA)
Kolloquium: 03.05.2023

  • Frau M. Sc. Sophia Kaltefleiter
Titel:“Dimension Estimats for Parabolic Equations and Harmonic Maps of low Index”
Referent:Prof Dr. Tobias lamm
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Eric Loubeau, Brest (F)
Korreferent:apl. Prof. Dr. Peer Kunstmann
Kolloquium: 10.05.2023

  • Herr M. Sc. Benedict Schulz
Titel:“Statistical Postprocessing of Numerical Weather Prediction Forecasts using ML”
Referent:Prof Dr. Tilmann Gneiting
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Peter Knippertz (IMK-TRO)
Korreferent:Dr. Sebastian Lerch (IOR)
Kolloquium: 17.05.2023

  • Frau M. Sc. Annalena Albicker
Titel:“Monotinoieverfahren für inverse Streuprobleme”
Referent:Prof Dr. Roland Griesmaier
Korreferent:PD. Dr. Tilo Arens
Kolloquium: 24.05.2023

  • Herr M. Sc. Marvin Knöller
Titel:“Electromagnetic scattering from thin tubular objects and an application in electromagnetic chirality”
Referent:Prof Dr. Roland Griesmaier
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Willy Dörfler
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Nuutti Hyvönen, Aalto (FI)
Kolloquium: 21.06.2023

  • Herr M. Sc. Gayatri Caklovic
Titel:“ParaDiag and Collocation Methods: Theory and Implementation”
Referent:Prof Dr. Martin Frank
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Willy Dörfler
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Martin J. Gander, Genf (CH)
Kolloquium: 28.06.2023

  • Herr M. Sc. Stephan Simonis
Titel:“Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Partial Differential Equations”
Referent:PD Dr. Mathias Krause
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Siddhartha Mishra, ETH Zürich (CH)
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Timothy Reis, Greenwich (UK)
Kolloquium: 28.06.2023

  • Frau M. Sc. Lea Weber
Titel:“On the structure of graphs with forbidden induced substructures”
Referent:Prof Dr. Maria Axenovich
Korreferent:PD. Dr. Torsten Ueckert
Kolloquium: 12.07.2023

  • Herr M. Sc. Tobias Kliesch
Titel:“Semi-Analytical Integration in Molecular Dynamics”
Referent:PD Dr. Volker Grimm
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Marlis Hochbruck
Kolloquium: 26.09.2023

  • Herr M. Sc. Christian Rheinbay
Titel:“All-At-Once and Reduced Solvers for Visco-Acousitc Full Waveform Inversion”
Referent:Prof Dr. Andreas Rieder
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Christian Wieners
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Roland Griesmaier
Kolloquium: 08.11.2023

  • Frau M. Sc. Tamara Göll
Titel:“Expected Utility Maximization for Competitive Agents”
Referent:Prof Dr. Nicole Bäuerle
Korreferent:Prof. Dr. Frank Seifried, Trier
Kolloquium: 17.11.2023