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Haus der Kirche (Bad Herrenalb) - Mathematics of Photonic Crystals

Date: 18. October - 19. October 2007

Location: Haus der Kirche, Bad Herrenalb


  • Bjoern Sandstede (Guildford)

    Weak interaction of pulses
  • Alexander Figotin (Irvine)

    Approximation of Maxwell's Eigenvalues
    • Frozen light in periodic layered media
    • Hamiltonian structure for dispersive and dissipative systems
    • Wave packet propagation in nonlinear dispersive media
  • Daniele Boffi (Pavia)

    Maxwell eigenvalue approximation
    • Approximation of variationally posed eigenvalue problems
    • On the discrete compactness, hp edge finite elements, and application to photonic crystals
    • Approximation by quadrilateral finite elements
  • Olaf Post (Berlin)

    Quantum Graphs and their Applications