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GRK Tea Session

You are very welcome to attend the GRK's tea session which takes place every second Monday at 1 pm in the conference room 1.058. The list of the corresponding organizers can be found below. We kindly ask you to contact Julian Ott in order to organize one meeting yourself. Available dates are marked with question marks.

This page is no longer maintained. See iRTG Tea Session

Organizing the tea session - what needs to be done

Here you can find all basic information for organizing one of our coffee and tea session. If something is unclear feel free to contact Julian Ott.

Things to bring/buy

  • Cookies or Cake or Muffins or Fruits or what ever you want.
  • Drinks and Milk(e.g. 2-3 bottles of water, 1 apple juice and 1 orange juice)

Things to be organized before the meeting

  • You need to pick up the Keys for the Sitzungszimmer (1.058) and the Meeting Point (1.072) at Sonja Sommerfelds Office (3.002). If she is not around, you can ask anyone from AG Hochbruck to open the door and give you the keys. Note that the key labeled “MP” only works on the door to the hallway (but not on the door to the stairs):
  • In the Meetingpoint you can find the deans coffee machine on a wheel table, which you have to move to the 1.058. For glasses, dishes, check the cupboards in the Sitzungzimmer as well as the one in the Meetingpoint (in the left corner). There you will also find a compartment labeled “GRK” with tea, sugar and the like. Also heat up some water and put it in a thermos flask labeled "tee". Arrange the Sitzungszimmer in a suitable way.

Things to be organized after the meeting

After the meeting you should clean up all the things which were in use during the meeting and put them back to the cupboard. You can therefore use the dishwasher, but it is faster to do it by hand. Please make sure, that you replace the tables if you moved them and lock the door. Bring back the coffee machine and please replace things that have gone empty, or give at least a hint to the organizers of the next event.

Please don’t forget to bring back the keys for the conference room to Sonja Sommerfeld.