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This is the webpage of the GCD Seminar on Arithmetic groups in the Wintersemester 2022/23.

Organisers: Tobias Hartnick, Manuel Krannich, Claudio Llosa and Roman Sauer

The seminar will take place biweekly on Tuesdays from 14:00 - 15:30 in the seminar room 20.30 SR1.067 of the Mathematical Faculty of the KIT.

15.11.The fundamental example: SL_n(\mathbb{Z}) as a lattice in SL_n(\mathbb{R})Tobias Hartnick
29.11.Definition of an arithmetic group, first examples, Margulis arithmeticitytbd
31.01.Special Geometry DayNo Seminar

If there are notes or slides for a talk, then you can find them by clicking onto the title of the talk.

Past events

  • Sommersemester 2021: "Algebraic and analytic properties of group rings".