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This is the webpage of the GCD Seminar on Locally compact groups in the Sommersemester 2022.

Organisers: Tobias Hartnick, Claudio Llosa and Roman Sauer

The seminar will take place biweekly on Tuesdays at 15:45 in the seminar room 20.30 SR1.067 of the Mathematical Faculty of the KIT.

19.04.Introduction to tdlc groupsTobias Hartnick
03.05.Automorphism groups of trees and their universal subgroupsJulia Heller
17.05.Non-discrete simple tdlc groups acting on treesTobias Hartnick
14.06.Neretin groupsLaura Bonn
28.06.Scale and tidy subgroups 1Claudio Llosa
12.07.Scale and tidy subgroups 2Claudio Llosa
27.07.An uncountable family of tdlc groups with non-isomorphic Cayley Abels graphsRomain Tessera

If there are notes or slides for a talk, then you can find them by clicking onto the title of the talk.

Past events
In the Wintersemester 2021/22 the GCD seminar was about "Finiteness properties". You find more information here.

In the Sommersemester 2021 the GCD seminar was about "Algebraic and analytic properties of group rings". It took place every Thursday at 15:45.