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Workshops and Conferences I have (co-)organized

Discovery Workshop

Gemeinsam mit Liz Milicevic and Anne Thomas organisiere ich einen Workshop im Rahmen unseres Discovery Projects.
Er wird vom 5.-9. August 2019 an der University of Sydney in Australien stattfinden und ist Teil unseres Australian Research Council grant "Affine flags, folded galleries and Euclidean reflection groups".

GGT Blockseminar

Ein gemeinsames Blockseminar mit der WWU Münster findet statt vom 9-11 August 2017 zum Thema Groups, Buildings and Compactifications.
Ein einführender Text, sowie das Programm wurde von Julia Heller, Annette Karrer, Robin Loose und Nils Leder erstellt.

Workshop on Compactifications of Buildings and Symmetric Spaces

In May 2017 Anna Schilling, Anna Wienhard and I hosted a small workshop on compactifications.
Here's the link to the website of the Workshop on compactifications in Heidelberg

RTG 2229 Conference 'Asymptotic geometry of groups and spaces'

In February our first annual conference of the RTG took place in Heidelberg. More details can be found on the website of this event.

Group Theory, Geometry and the influence of Jaques Tits

We were hosting a conference in honor of Richard Weiss.
See here for the conference website.


the 5th conference in the series Young Geometric Group Theory took place in Karlsruhe February 15-19, 2016.
Find out more here: Young Geometric Group Theory V