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Geometrische Gruppentheorie (Summer Semester 2014)

Lecture: Tuesday 11:30-13:00 Z 1
Thursday 11:30-13:00 Z 1
Problem class: Wednesday 15:45-17:15 Z 1
Lecturer, Problem classes JProf. Dr. Gabriela Weitze-Schmithüsen
Office hours:
Room Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
Problem classes Dr. Björn Mützel
Office hours: Mo.-Fr. 2-4 pm
Room Allianz-Gebäude (05.20)

Accompanying the lecture there will be a tutorial every Friday from 9:45 - 11:15 am. This tutorial will take place in room Z2 under the supervision of Sven Caspart.

Information and exercises

Information infoblatt_14.pdf
exercise sheet 1 blatt_01_14.pdf
exercise sheet 2 blatt_02_14.pdf
exercise sheet 3 blatt_03_14.pdf
exercise sheet 4 blatt_04_14.pdf
exercise sheet 5 blatt_05_14.pdf
exercise sheet 6 blatt_06_14.pdf
exercise sheet 7 blatt_07_14.pdf
exercise sheet 8 blatt_08_14.pdf
exercise sheet 9 blatt_09_14.pdf (new)
exercise sheet 10 blatt_10_14.pdf
exercise sheet 11 blatt_11_14.pdf
exercise sheet 12 blatt_12_14.pdf