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Topology (Winter Semester 2007/08)

  • Lecturer: PD Dr. Stefan Kühnlein
  • Classes: Lecture (1024), Problem class (1025)
  • Weekly hours: 4+2
  • Audience: mathematics, physics (3.-9. semester)

The basic concept in topology is that of an open set. The open sets of a topological space have to satisfy axioms which hold for the totality of all open sets in a metric space.

Topological arguments are omnipresent in mathematics, and we will try to give some hints on applications of topological methods in mathematics.

Lecture: Monday 9:45-11:15 Neuer Hörsaal Begin: 22.10.2007, End: 13.2.2008
Wednesday 9:45-11:15 AOC 101 (30.45)
Problem class: Wednesday 15:45-17:15 Criegée-Hörsaal Begin: 24.10.2007, End: 11.2.2008
Problem classes Oliver Bauer
Office hours:
Room Allianz-Gebäude (05.20)
Problem classes PD Dr. Stefan Kühnlein
Office hours:
Room 1.032 Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
Email: stefan.kuehnlein@kit.edu