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Weihnachtsworkshop on Geometry and Number Theory 2023


Once a year in the last week before Christmas the Karlsruher Weihnachtsworkshop takes place with talks from geometry and number theory.

The Weihnachtsworkshop 2023 will take place from Wednesday, December 13 to Friday, December 15 in Karlsuhe.

Talks will be given by

Daniele Agostini (Tübingen): Algebraic Geometry at Sea
Frederik Benirschke (Chicago): Bi-algebraic geometry of strata in genus zero
Felix Clemen (Karlsruhe): Combinatorial Geometry: Triangles in the Plane
Nguyen-Thi Dang (Paris): Equidistribution of tori for the geodesic flow in higher rank
Samantha Fairchild (Leipzig): Mean value theorems for the S-arithmetic primitive Siegel transforms
Magali Jay (Marseille): Tiling billiards and interval exchange transformations with flips
Pascal Kattler (Saarbrücken): Kontsevich-Zorich monodromy of origamis in genus 2
Carlos Matheus (Paris): Exotic bi-algebraic subvarieties of the moduli space of Abelian differentials
Preda Mihailescu (Göttingen): Binomial series, Catalan's equation ... and further Christmas tales
Martin Möller:(Frankfurt): Spectral decomposition and Siegel-Veech transforms
Hugo Parlier (Luxemburg): Crossing the line: from graphs to curves
Maurice Reichert (Heidelberg): Counting connected components in the phase space of linear trajectories on the octagon
Christopher Voll (Bielefeld): Groups, graphs, hypergraphs - average sizes of kernels of generic matrices and conjugacy classes of finite p-groups
Yiu Man Wong (Frankfurt): An algorithm to compute the fundamental classes of spin components of strata of differentials

Here you can find the schedule.

To all talks, there are abstracts.