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Photo of Anja Randecker

Dr. Anja Randecker

  • Office hour for students
  • Building Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
  • Room

I moved to University of Toronto in April 2016.

My research is mostly on infinite translation surfaces and their singularities. In conjunction with a lecture series in the winter semester 2012/13 I wrote some notes on infinite translation surfaces (for now, it is only available in German). Many of my results can be found in my thesis or by looking at the links at my new website in Toronto: http://www.math.toronto.edu/anja/

Current List of Courses
Semester Titel Typ
Winter Semester 2014/15 Lecture
Winter Semester 2013/14 Lecture
Summer Semester 2013 Lecture
Winter Semester 2012/13 Lecture
Summer Semester 2012 Lecture
Winter Semester 2011/12 Seminar