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Stochastische Geometrie (Summer Semester 2010)

Stochastic geometry deals with the development and analysis of stochastic models for complicated geometrical patterns.
The mathematical background comes from probability theory (e.g. point and Poisson processes, random fields and sets), as well as from convex and integral geometry (e.g. surface area measures and intrinsic volumes, kinematic and Crofton formulae).

This course will introduce in some of the basic concepts of this exciting and interesting field. It also is an ideal continuation of the course on Convex Geometry offered in the previous term. The latter as well as basic knowledge in probability and measure theory are prerequisites.

The course will be given in German.

Current Events

Date Event
Lecture: Monday 11:30-13:00 1C-03
Tuesday 11:30-13:00 1C-03
Problem class: Wednesday 15:45-17:15 1C-03 (RAUMÄNDERUNG: Die Übung findet NICHT im Raum 1C-01 statt)