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Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics (Summer Semester 2023)

Probabilistic Methods, popularized by Paul Erd\H{o}s, have become central tools in combinatorics and computer science. They are useful, for example, in providing non-existence of combinatorial objects with specific properties. The aim of this seminar is to provide a comprehensive tour through the main techniques in the area, with particular emphasis on examples from extremal combinatorics and graph theory.

Organizational meeting: Thursday, 1pm, February 16th, Mathebau Room: 2.058

Seminar: Wednesday 14:00-15:30 3.068 Begin: 19.4.2023, End: 26.7.2023

Prerequisites: Elementary (discrete) probability, basic graph theory

Literature: The Probabilistic Method by Alon and Spencer


Attendance is mandatory.

Each talk lasts between 60 and 70 minutes. The talks are followed by questions and discussions. All students are expected to participate.

If you need your seminar to be graded, please let the organisers know in the beginning of the semester.