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Research Seminar (Summer Semester 2013)

  • Lecturer: Torsten Ueckerdt
  • Classes: Seminar (0172400)
  • Weekly hours: 2
  • Audience: Mathematics, Computer Science (from 4. semester)

In this informal seminar we will discuss an area of discrete mathematics, which will be chosen by the participants. In the first weeks we will learn the basics of the chosen area through talks or moderated sessions. The goal is to identify an open problem that is interesting and not too difficult to tackle. For the remainder of the seminar we will jointly try to solve the chosen open problem.

If you want to participate, please contact Torsten Ueckerdt . You are very welcome!

This seminar will be held in English.


The seminar takes place in room 1C-01 of Allianz building (Gebäude 05.20).

Seminar: Friday 11:30-13:00 K89-93 Begin: 19.4.2013


UPDATE: We chose the area Game Theory for the seminar.

UPDATE: For the open problem we chose the combinatorial game Tron on the class of all trees.


  • Enrica Cherubini
  • Daniel Hoske
  • Sarah Lutteropp
  • Jonathan Rollin
  • Fabian Stroh
  • Stefan Walzer


One of the most commonly used data bases for mathematics literature is MATHSCINET provided by the American Mathematical Society. You can access mathscinet from any KIT computer. From a remote location, you need to do vpn-connection. To do so, go to https://vpn.kit.edu and after doing login simply type "mathscinet" in a google window.