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Seminar(Graph Theory) ab dem 6. Semester (Summer Semester 2012)

Seminar on graph theory will cover various topics, see tentative schedule below.

Instructions for students:


For people working on the same topic - even if you do not prepare the material
together, please clearly identify who does what, so there is no redundancy in your presentations.


For most people some recommended materials has been sent.
You could use these or any other source of information.
One of the ways to find relevant literature is to go to www.ams.org/mathscinet or look at google scholar.
Note, that KIT library has electronic access to many papers. One of the fastest way to download a paper is to find an exact title using mathscinet, then google it using a computer with KIT net id, that would automatically allow you to see the .pdf file of the paper in most cases.


I would like everyone to submit a copy of your lecture notes typed in
LaTex a few days before your presentation so that I could provide you with feedback.
Each person should send own copy. Please use the following guidelines as you rehearse your talks:

1. Stay on time!!
2. Give all necessary definitions.
3. Give at least one complete self-contained proof.
4. Make sure that the people in the audience understand you.
4. You could use computer presentation as additional resource, but you should
write all the definitions and the proofs on the blackboard.
5. Rehearse your talk at least once.

== Schedule ==

April 20 J. Rollin 'Plane arrangements'
April 27 D. Hoske 'Spectral graph theory'
May 4 S. Walzer 'The game of sprouts'
May 11 C. Karg 'Clique graphs'
May 18 K. Hoerenberg 'Moore graphs'
May 25 D. Krasucka 'Crossing numbers'
June 1 L. Duczek 'Crossing numbers'
June 8 D. Niemand 'Graph labelings'
June 15 Z. Wang 'Graph labelings'
June 22 F. Stroh 'Kneser Graph'
June 29 A. Karrer 'Kneser Graph'
July 6 J. Simantzik 'Vertex identifying codes'
July 13 G. Osang 'Unavoidable trees and forests'
July 20 I. Rutter tab and organizational meeting for WS2012

Seminar: Friday 11:30-13:00 1C-04
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Maria Axenovich
Office hours: Wed. 13:45-14:45
Room 1.043 Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
Email: maria.aksenovich@kit.edu