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Seminar (Extremal Problems in Combinatorics) (Winter Semester 2020/21)

This seminar will be based on a collection of recent papers in extremal combinatorics - a fast-growing field of discrete mathematics. The emphasis will be on extremal partially ordered set theory and extremal graph theory.

Seminar: Monday 14:00-15:30 20.30 SR 0.019

Presentation Order

1. "High school coalitions" (by N. Alon) (David, 16.11)

2. "A short list color proof of Grotzsch's theorem" (by C. Thomassen) (Julian, 07.12)

3. "Uniformly discrete forests with poor visibility" (by N. Alon) (Paul, 30.11)

4. "Lower bounds for multicolor Ramsey numbers" (by D. Conlon and A. Ferber) (Frithjof, 11.01)

5. "Partitioning a graph into a cycle and an anticycle, a proof of Lehel's conjecture" (by S. Bessy and S. Thomasse) (Laurin, 14.12)

6. "Minimum saturated families of sets" (by M. Bucic, S. Letzter, B. Sudakov, T. Tran) (Michael, 21.12)

7. "The method of hypergraph containers" (Lea, January)

Note: if you want to use mathscinet to look up literature, you will need to access it from a KIT IP address (you could use openvpn, for example, if you're not on campus).


Note: we recommend that you create a presentation suitable for an online format (we will use Zoom this semester, instead of Teams). We shall try to have the first presentation in-person, depending on the situation with covid. You may still use your slides for any in-person talk, but could supplement your talk by using the blackboard.