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Friday Seminar (Winter Semester 2013/14)

  • Lecturer: Torsten Ueckerdt
  • Classes: Seminar (0127300)
  • Weekly hours: 0
  • Audience: mathematics, computer science (from 3. semester)

The Friday Seminar is an informal weekly seminar for

  • members of discrete mathematics group
  • students in the group
  • everybody else that is interested

Every week there is one speaker that gives a talk of one of the following kind

  • presentation of original research
  • introduction into an open problem that he/she currently works on
  • presentation of proposed plan for bachelor, master, diploma or PhD thesis
  • presentation of results from bachelor, master, diploma or PhD thesis
  • presentation of research paper that might be of interest for the group
Seminar: Friday 9:45-11:15 Z 1 Geb. 01.85 Begin: 18.11.2013


  • THIS WEEK'S SEMINAR TAKES PLACE ON THURSDAY 9:45 IN ROOM 602 OF BUILDING 10.50 (Kollegiengebäude Bauingenieure II).
  • The seminar has been moved to Fridays at 9:45 in room Z1.


Thursday February 13, 9:45

Yury Person

Powers of Hamilton Cycles in Pseudorandom Graphs

We study sufficient conditions when a pseudorandom graph contains a k-th power of a Hamilton cycle (and thus a K_k-factor). In particular our results improve upon the known bounds for (n,d,\lambda) graphs, i.e. those d-regular graphs with n vertices, whose second largest eigenvalue (in absolute value) of the adjacency matrix is at most \lambda. In my talk I will give a motivation for study of the problems of this type and an outline of the proof.

This is joint work with Peter Allen, Julia Böttcher, Hiep Han and Yoshiharu Kohayakawa.

Talk History

  • 2014/02/07 -- Sarah Lutteropp -- On Layered Drawings of Planar Graphs
  • 2014/01/31 -- Stefan Walzer -- Tron : A Two Player Game on Graphs
  • 2014/01/24 -- Annette Karrer -- Simultaneous Embeddings of Outerplanar Graphs
  • 2014/01/17 -- Torsten Ueckerdt -- The Density of Fan-Planar Graphs
  • 2014/01/10 -- Maria Axenovich -- On Distinguishing Colorings
  • 2013/12/13 -- Fabian Stroh -- Coloring Graphs Using Topological Lemmas
  • 2013/12/06 -- Enrica Cherubini -- Coloring Mixed Hypergraphs
  • 2013/11/29 -- Jonathan Rollin -- Hamiltonicity In Sparse Graphs With High Chromatic Number
  • 2013/11/18 -- Torsten Ueckerdt -- Scattered Sets in Cocomparability Graphs