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M. Sc. Christian Winter

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Winter Semester 2022/23 Lecture
Summer Semester 2022 Lecture
Winter Semester 2021/22 Lecture

Position: Ph.D. student under the guidance of Maria Axenovich, research group Discrete Mathematics.

Research Interest: Extremal Combinatorics, in particular Ramsey-type and saturation problems concerning inter alia:

  • Graphs
  • (Non-uniform) hypergraphs
  • Posets and Boolean lattices


  • C. Winter. Poset Ramsey number R(P, Q_n). I. Complete multipartite posets. Submitted, preprint on arXiv.
  • M. Axenovich, C. Winter. Poset Ramsey numbers: large Boolean lattice versus a fixed poset. Submitted, preprint on arXiv.
  • C. Winter. Lower Bound on the Size-Ramsey Number of Tight Paths. Submitted, preprint on arXiv.
  • C. Winter. Size-Ramsey Number of Uniform Hypergraph Paths. Master Thesis, University of Hamburg, 2021. (available here)
  • M. Axenovich, C. Winter. A note on saturation for Berge-G hypergraphs. Graphs and Combinatorics, Volume 35, Issue 4, 933-939, 2019. (see preprint on arXiv)
  • C. Winter. Berge saturation of non-uniform hypergraphs. Bachelor Thesis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, 2018. (available here)