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M. Sc. Lea Weber

Welcome to my page!

I have completed my PhD and no longer work at KIT! You can reach me at 0815lea(ät)gmx.net

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Summer Semester 2023 Lecture
Summer Semester 2022 Lecture
Winter Semester 2020/21 Lecture
Summer Semester 2020 Lecture
Winter Semester 2019/20 Lecture

My research interests include extremal graph theory and Ramsey type problems. My Master thesis and my PhD thesis were on the structure of graphs without forbidden induced substructures.


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6. Weber, L., Absolutely avoidable order-size pairs in hypergraphs, submitted

5. Axenovich, M., Weber, L., Absolutely avoidable order-size pairs for induced subgraphs, to appear in Journal of Combinatorics

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