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RTG Lecture “Asymptotic Invariants and Limits of Groups and Spaces” (Winter Semester 2019/20)

Lecture: Tuesday 9:45-13:00
Tuesday 9:45-13:00 SR 2.58
Tuesday 15:30-17:00
Tuesday 15:35-17:15 SR 3.69
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Roman Sauer
Office hours: by appointment
Room 1.001 Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
Email: roman.sauer@kit.edu

This semester’s RTG lecture will be split between courses by Enrico Leuzinger on “Gromov's nonsqueezing theorem” and by Tom Farrell on “Controlled topology applied to study aspherical manifolds”. Please note: Tom Farrell's course will start on the third RTG day (12.11.2019); for the first two RTG days (15.10.2019 and 29.10.2019), there will instead be an introductory course titled “What is Ergodic Theory?” by Yakov Karasik.

Filling arithmetic groups (Enrico Leuzinger)

Abstract: Higher order filling functions generalize Dehn functions. They provide quasi-isometry invariants for highly connected groups (and spaces). Furthermore they are closely related to isoperimetric inequalities and thus measure e.g. the complexity of homotopies. I will discuss such functions in particular for S-arithmetic groups. The motivation comes from a (partially open) conjecture of Bux and Wortman asserting that S-arithmetic are undistorted up to the rank.

Controlled topology applied to study aspherical manifolds (Tom Farrell)

Abstract: tba.