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Mathematical Methods of Quantum Mechanics part II (Summer Semester 2020)

Information: As probably well known, due to the Coronacrisis the courses will be online. Our plan is the following: The course and the exercise session will take place online on the schedualed time. It will be with a video so that we can interact and you can ask questions during the lecture. If the students wish we plan to record the online lecture so that it is available to the people that could not participate in the online lecture. During the lectures we will also use the software mentimeter so that you can anonymously ask questions by typing on the computer. I plan to offer office hours online as well.

Lecture: Tuesday 11:30-13:00 SR 2.059
Friday 14:00-15:30 SR 3.069
Problem class: Wednesday 14:00-15:30 SR 3.069
Lecturer Dr. Ioannis Anapolitanos
Office hours: With appointment
Room 2.025 Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
Email: ioannis.anapolitanos@kit.edu
Problem classes Dr. Nikolaos Pattakos
Office hours: Mon. and Wed. 14:00-16:00
Room 2.024 Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
Email: nikolaos.pattakos@gmail.com

This course goes deeper in the fundamental questions of the Mathematical Theory of quantum mechanics. With the gained knowledge the students can understand and analyze fundamental results of interacting quantum many-body systems. In the course subjects like scattering Theory, many-body systems, Fock spaces and second quantization will be discussed. Then various models will be considered like the
Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer model of the superconductivity (BCS-Theorie), the Hartree Fock approximation, Polarons and other models of interacting quantum many-body systems. It will also be discussed how nonlinear interactions can arise from many-body systems.

Recommendations: Functional Analysis, Spectral Theory, Previous knowledge of quantum mechanics.
In particular participation in the Mathematical Methods of Quantum Mechanics part I of the previous Semester would be helpful.

Exercise sheets

HW 1 from 23/04/20, Solutions
HW 2 from 29/04/20, Solutions
HW 3 from 08/05/20, Solutions
HW 4 from 13/05/20, Solutions
HW 5 from 21/05/20, Solutions
HW 6 from 27/05/20, Solutions
HW 7 from 03/06/20, Solutions
HW 8 from 10/06/20, Solutions
HW 9 from 17/06/20, Solutions
HW 10 from 26/06/20, Solutions
HW 11 from 02/07/20, Solutions
HW 12 from 11/07/20, Solutions
HW 13 from 17/07/20, Solutions

Feedback for the course

Your feedback for the course (suggestions, difficulties, critisism) is highly appreciated. You can either talk to us, or if you are too shy to do this, you can anonymously write in the following link. Especially this Semester due to the difficult teaching conditions with the Corona-Crisis we encourange you to think of ideas that make the course as interactive as possible.