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Partial Differential Equations (Winter Semester 2009/10)

This lecture will be held in English and give an introduction to the theory of partial differential equations. Central phenomena and concepts will be studied on the basis of exemplary equations: Poisson's equation, the heat equation, and the wave equation.

Lecture: Tuesday 11:30-13:00 Bauingenieure, Kleiner Hörsaal
Wednesday 14:00-15:30 Eiermann-Hörsaal (HS 16)
Problem class: Monday 15:45-17:15 Hertz-Hörsaal
Lecturer Dr. Matthias Kurzke
Office hours: nach Vereinbarung
Room 3B-01 Allianz-Gebäude (05.20)
Email: kurzke@iam.uni-bonn.de
Problem classes PD Dr. Rainer Mandel
Office hours: by appointment
Room -1.019 Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
Email: rainer.mandel@kit.edu

Problem sheets


Oral exams will take place in the first two weeks of the summer semester. The signup sheet is in Frau Blach's office.


The use of the following books is recommended for getting further information about the subject:

  • Lawrence C. Evans: Partial differential equations, American Mathematical Society
  • Jürgen Jost: Partial differential equations, Springer
  • Qing Han, Fanghua Lin: Elliptic partial differential equations, American Mathematical Society
  • Fritz John: Partial differential equations, Springer