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This is the webpage for the weekly Mathematical Physics Seminar: AG Hundertmark.
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Next Talk: 08.11.21, Time: 12:00 (Local Time)

Speaker: Giulia Basti

Title: Three-Body Hamiltonian with Regularized Zero-Range Interactions in Dimension Three

Abstract: We consider a system of three identical bosons interacting through zero- range interactions appropriately regularized by an effective three-body force to avoid the fall to the center phenomenon emerging in the standard TMS Hamiltonian, known as Thomas effect. We prove that the Hamiltonian describing the system is self-adjoint and bounded from below. Furthermore, we show that it can be obtained as the norm resolvent limit of approximating Hamiltonians with rescaled non local interactions, also called separable potentials, and with a suitably renormalized coupling constant.
Based on a joint work with C. Cacciapuoti, D. Finco and A. Teta

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Diskussionsseminar zur Lehre in der Mathematik
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31.05.21, Speaker: Davide Fermi (Dipartimento di Matematica 'Guido Castelnuovo','La Sapienza' Università di Roma)
Title: An axiomatic zeta-function approach to Casimir physics
06.07.21, Speaker: Dirk Hundertmark
Title: How to get upper and lower bounds for eigenfunctions of the Schröodinger equation: Sub- and super-solution comparison theorems via the IMS localization formula
12.07.21, Speaker: Konstantin Merz, TU Braunschweig
Title: Weak coupling limit for Schrödinger-type operators with degenerate kinetic energy for a large class of potentials
19.07.21, Speaker: Thierry Laurens, University of California (UCLA)
Title: KdV with exotic spatial asymptotics
26.07.21, Esteban Cárdenas, The University of Texas at Austin
Title: Tracer Particles Interacting with a Boson Field
9.08.21, Michael Hott, The University of Texas at Austin
Title: On quantum Boltzmann fluctuation dynamics at the presence of a Bose-Einstein condensate