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List of Publications


1) J. Hirsch and T. Lamm. Index estimates for sequences of harmonic maps, Preprint 2022.

2) T. Lamm and G. Schneider. Diffusive stability and self-similar decay for the harmonic map heat flow , Preprint 2023.

Publications in refereed Journals

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1) T. Lamm. Heat flow for extrinsic biharmonic maps with small initial energy. Ann. Global Anal. Geom. 26 (2004), 369-384.

PhD and Diploma Thesis

1) T. Lamm. Biharmonic maps, PhD thesis, University of Freiburg, 2005 (pdf-Datei).

2) T. Lamm. Biharmonischer Wärmefluss, Diploma thesis, University of Freiburg, 2002 (pdf-Datei).