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AG Nichtlineare Partielle Differentialgleichungen (Summer Semester 2024)

Our seminar takes place every Wednesday at 11:30 in Room SR3.069.

In this semester, the seminar will be mainly in person. For guests outside KIT, the seminar will take place via Zoom. There is also the possibility of organizing the seminar in a hybrid form for some slots, under request from the group members who can't attend in person.
For further information please contact Robert Wegner.

In general, each talk will take 60 minutes, including a ten-minute question session.

Time plan of talks:

10.04.24 at 9:45 - Filippo Giuliani (Assistant Professor @ Politecnico di Milano)
Sobolev instability for the cubic NLS on irrational tori - Abstract

17.04.24 - Lorenzo Pompili (Doctoral Researcher @ University of Bonn)
On the Bäcklund transform and the stability of the line soliton of the KP-II equation on R^2 - Abstract

24.04.24 - Ludovic Godard-Cadillac (Associate Professor @ Bordeaux INP)
Hölder regularity for collapses of point-vortices - Abstract

01.05.24 - no talk

08.05.24 - Frédéric Charve (Professor @ Université Paris-Est - Créteil Val-de-Marne)
Hidden asymptotics for the weak solutions of the strongly stratified Boussinesq system without rotation - Abstract

15.05.24 - two talks:
11:30-12:15 - Leonie Langer (Doctoral Researcher @ University of Ulm)
Evolving heterogeneous elastic wires - Abstract
12:15-13:00 - Matthias Sroczinski (Postdoctoral Researcher @ University of Konstanz)
Global existence and decay of small solutions for quasi-linear second-order uniformly dissipative hyperbolic-hyperbolic systems - Abstract

22.05.24 - no talk

05.06.24 - Antonio Tribuzio (Postdoctoral Researcher @ University of Bonn)
Energy barriers for boundary nucleation in a two-well model - tribuzio_05.06.24.pdf|Abstract

05.06.24 - Anthony Salib (Doctoral Researcher @ University of Duisburg-Essen)

12.06.24 - David Buchberger (Doctoral Researcher @ University of Augsburg)

19.06.24 - Guillaume Ferriere (Research Associate @ Inria Lille)

26.06.24 - Franz Gmeineder (Professor @ University of Konstanz)

03.07.24 Kaori Nagato-Plum (Lecturer @ KIT)

10.07.24 - Jonas Hirsch (Professor @ University of Leipzig)

17.07.24 - Montie Avery (Postdoctoral Researcher @ Boston University)

24.07.24 - Patrick Brkic (Doctoral Researcher @ University of Ulm)

Seminar: Wednesday 11:30-13:00 20.30 SR 3.069
Lecturer M. Sc. Robert Wegner
Office hours: on Appointment
Room 3.028 Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
Email: robert.wegner@kit.edu