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Introduction to Kinetic Equations (Wintersemester 2021/22)

This lecture provides an introduction to the mathematical analysis of kinetic transport equations.
In particular, we will study the description of gas and plasma dynamics and their mixing behavior in frequency (phase mixing).

The lecture will take place in English and in presence.

Vorlesung: Freitag 14:00-15:30 3.068 Geb. 20.30 Ende: 11.2.2022

We will study the mathematical description and analysis of kinetic transport equations:
- the free transport, Boltzmann and Vlasov-Poisson equations,
- linear theory, phase mixing and Landau damping,
- equilibrium solutions and stability,
- nonlinear results and methods,
- renormalized solutions.


There will be an oral exam of about 30 minutes after the end of term. The precise date and format will be communicated in the lecture.