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M.Sc. Lukas Bengel

  • Englerstrasse 2
    76131 Karlsruhe


I’m a doctoral researcher under the supervision of Prof. Wolfgang Reichel within the project B3 of the CRC “Wave phenomena: analysis and numerics”.

Current List of Courses
Semester Titel Typ
Summer Semester 2024 Lecture
Summer Semester 2023 Lecture
Winter Semester 2022/23 Lecture
Summer Semester 2022 Lecture

Research interests

  • Nonlinear partial differential equations
  • Existence and stability of nonlinear waves
  • Bifurcation theory
  • Numerical continuation and bifurcation
  • Nonlinear optics


  • L. Bengel and W. Reichel. Analysis of Kerr frequency combs in microresonators with two-photon absorption and free-carriers, accepted (Springer Proceedings on Applications of Mathematical Methods). preprint
  • L. Bengel. Stability of solitary wave solutions in the Lugiato-Lefever equation, submitted (December 2023). preprint
  • L. Bengel, D. Pelinovsky, and W. Reichel. Pinning in the extended Lugiato-Lefever equation, accepted (SIAM J. Math. Anal.). preprint