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M.Sc. Niklas Knobel

  • Englerstrasse 2
    76131 Karlsruhe

I am a PHD student in the project Stability and Instability in Fluids and Materials (AP6) in the CRC 1173 under the supervision of Christian Zillinger.

Current List of Courses
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Summer Semester 2024 Lecture
Winter Semester 2023/24 Lecture


  1. (with Christian Zillinger) On Echoes in Magnetohydrodynamics with Magnetic Dissipation, Journal of Differential Equations, Volume 367, 15 September 2023, Pages 625-688, 2023.
  2. (with Christian Zillinger) On the Sobolev Stability Threshold for the 2D MHD Equations with Horizontal Magnetic Dissipation, arXiv preprint 2309.00496, 2023.