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PD Dr. Rainer Mandel

  • Institute of Analysis
    Workgroup Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations - SFB 1173
    Englerstraße 2
    76131 Karlsruhe

On July 1st 2016 I started working at KIT as the leader of the Junior Research Group "Nonlinear Helmholtz Equations" within the Collaborative Research Center 1173 "Wave phenomena: Analysis and Numerics" at KIT.

CRC 1173 Wave phenomena: Analysis and Numerics
Site of my Junior Research Group at the Institute for Analysis
Site of my Junior Research Group at the CRC 1173
My homepage


Scientific Works (since 2013)

  • 24 published papers and 6 preprints, see here.
  • Dissertation "Grundzustände, Verzweigungen und singuläre Lösungen nichtlinearer Schrödingersysteme" (in German, summa cum laude), see here or pdf.
  • Habilitation "Nonlinear Helmholtz Equations and Systems", see pdf.


Teaching and Tutoring

  • Courses at KIT: see below
  • AIMS Lecture 05.01.2021 - 23.01.2021 (PDEs)
  • 1 Postdoc (Zois Moitier)
  • 1 PhD student (Dominic Scheider)
  • Lecture notes (in German) NLFA

Scientific interests

  • Time-harmonic Maxwell equations
  • Nonlinear Helmholtz Equations
  • Limiting absorption principles for Schrödinger operators
  • Fermi-surfaces und (perturbed) periodic structures
  • Bifurcation theory
  • Lugiato-Lefever equation
Current List of Courses
Semester Titel Typ
Winter Semester 2021/22 Lecture
Summer Semester 2021 Lecture
Winter Semester 2020/21 Seminar
Summer Semester 2020 Lecture
Winter Semester 2018/19 Seminar
Summer Semester 2018 Lecture
Winter Semester 2017/18 Lecture
Summer Semester 2017 Lecture
Winter Semester 2013/14 Lecture
Summer Semester 2013 Lecture
Winter Semester 2012/13 Lecture
Summer Semester 2012 Lecture
Winter Semester 2011/12 Lecture
Summer Semester 2011 Seminar
Winter Semester 2010/11 Lecture
Summer Semester 2010 Lecture
Winter Semester 2009/10 Lecture
Summer Semester 2009 Lecture