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Foto von Björn de Rijk

Dr. Björn de Rijk

  • Englerstrasse 2
    76131 Karlsruhe


I am a junior research group leader at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. My junior research group Stability of Nonlinear Waves is embedded in the Institute for Analysis of the Department of Mathematics. I am a member of the collaborative research center Wave Phenomena, where I am a principal investigator of the project A14 Nonlinear Stability of Periodic Waves in Dissipative-Dispersive Systems. Finally, I am a member of the KIT Young Investigator Network and the KIT Center MathSEE.

My research is supported by the German Science Foundation through an Individual Research Grant and the Collaborative Research Center Program.

Research Interests

Nonlinear PDEs
Pattern Formation
Traveling Waves
Spectral Analysis
Multiple Scale Problems
Dispersive Dynamics
Reaction-Diffusion Systems