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Exercise sheets Functional Analysis WS 07/08

Exercise session

Exercise sheets

  • Every Thursday, there will be an exercise sheet. The sheets will be available next to office 305 in the mathematics building and on this web page.
  • For every exercise sheet, you can hand in the two exercises marked with a C (1 student per sheet). The corresponding box is next to office 328 in the mathematics building. The deadline is on Thursday in general, please verify on each exercise sheet.
  • You can get back the corrected solutions the week after next to the stairs near office 302, mathematics building.

Übungsschein (Certificate for successful participation at the exercise sessions)

  • For each exercise sheet you can get 8 points, in general 4 points for each exercise.
  • To get the "Übungsschein" you need 50% of all the points of the first 4 sheets, 50% on the sheets 5-8 and 50% on the rest of the sheets.

The exercise sheets

Sheet 1, deadline 8th november 15p.m.
Sheet 2, deadline 15th november 15p.m.
Sheet 3, deadline 22th november 15p.m.
Sheet 4, deadline 29th november 15p.m.
Sheet 5, deadline 6th december 15p.m.
Sheet 6, deadline 13th december 15p.m.
Sheet 7, deadline 20th december 15p.m.
Sheet 8, deadline 10th january 15p.m.
Sheet 9, deadline 17th january 15p.m.
Sheet 10, deadline 24th january 15p.m.
Sheet 11, deadline 31st january 15p.m.
Sheet 12, deadline 7th february 15p.m. (solution proposals for Ex. 45 and 48)
Sheet 13, deadline 14th february 15p.m.

Please ensure that you hand in your solutions before the deadline.
A correction for sheets handed in afterwards cannot be ensured.
Please take care for a structured and legible solution.

Voraussichtlicher Termin der Prüfung:
07.04.2008 bis 09.04.2008 (mündliche Prüfungen)
Anmeldung: 01.02.08 - 15.02.08 im Sekretariat Raum 212 bei Frau Basmer.