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Junior Research Group "Analysis of PDEs"

There are plenty of interesting PDE models and the analysis methods adapted to them vary a lot. The group focuses on the study of the mathematical theories of various prototypical PDE models (such as Navier-Stokes/Euler equations, nonlinear Schrödinger equations), by use of the powerful analysis toolboxes (such as harmonic analysis, Fourier analysis, functional analysis).

In particular we are interested in those PDE models involving variable physical coefficients (which bring strong nonlinearities), discontinuous data (which bring singularities), nonzero boundary conditions (which bring more functional structures than the spatially-homogeneous case), singular limits (which deal with considerably different scales of parameters), etc., which should find their sources and applications in natural sciences.

(See also CRC 1173 Wave Phenomena Project A12: Dynamics of the Gross–Pitaevskii equation.)

Staff in the Junior Research Group Nonlinear Helmholtz Equations
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+49 721 608 43703 zihui.he@kit.edu
+49 721 608 42616 xian.liao@kit.edu
+40 721 608 46215 ruoci.sun@kit.edu

Current Offering of Courses
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Winter Semester 2021/22 Seminar
Summer Semester 2021 Lecture
Winter Semester 2020/21 Lecture
Summer Semester 2020 Seminar
Summer Semester 2019 Lecture
Winter Semester 2018/19 Lecture