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PD Dr. Christian Zillinger

  • Englerstrasse 2
    76131 Karlsruhe

You can find information about my project "Stability and Instability in Fluids and Materials" (AP6) in the CRC 1173 on its project page and here.

Current List of Courses
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Winter Semester 2023/24 Lecture
Summer Semester 2022 Lecture
Winter Semester 2021/22 Lecture
Winter Semester 2020/21 Seminar


My research interests are in partial differential equations motivated by physical problems in particular fluid dynamics and material sciences and include:

  • Mixing as a (de)stabilizing mechanism in fluids and inviscid damping.
  • Cascades of resonances and instabilities in fluids and plasmas.
  • Convex integration and microstructures in materials. Rigidity and flexibility.
  • Magnetic fluids.
  • Partial dissipation in the Boussinesq equations.


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You can also find a list of my publications on the arxiv, in my google scholar profile and in my OrcId profile.


  1. On nonlinear Landau damping and Gevrey regularity, arXiv preprint 2307.14271, 2023.
  2. (with Niklas Knobel) On the Sobolev Stability Threshold for the 2D MHD Equations with Horizontal Magnetic Dissipation, arXiv preprint 2309.00496, 2023


  1. On Resonance Chains in the Boussinesq Equations, Oberwolfach Report, 2023

Habilitation thesis

  1. On Mixing and Resonances in Fluid Systems, KIT, 2023

I obtained my PhD under the supervision of Herbert Koch at the University of Bonn and have been an assistant professor (NTT) at the University of Southern California and a postdoctoral fellow at BCAM.