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Nachwuchsgruppe Stability of Nonlinear Waves

The junior research group Stability of Nonlinear Waves is led by Björn de Rijk and is funded by the collaborative research center Wave Phenomena. Research focuses on the stability and long-time dynamics of patterns and waves in nonlinear partial differential equations, using tools from spectral analysis, dynamical systems theory and functional analysis. The research group is represented in the collaborative research center by the project A14 Nonlinear Stability of Periodic Waves in Dissipative-Dispersive Systems.

Junior research group November 2023
The junior research group in November 2023

Personen in der Nachwuchsgruppe
Name Tel. E-Mail
+49 721 608 43193 joannis.alexopoulos@kit.edu
0721 608 42046 emile.bukieda@kit.edu
+49 721 608 43568 bjoern.rijk@kit.edu
+49 721 608 43193 louis.garenaux@kit.edu
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