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Time Integration of PDEs (Summer Semester 2016)

The lecture will usually take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays but occasionally it will be moved to Mondays. Please refer to the schedule.

The problem classes will probably be on Wednesday. Please attend the first lecture since we will discuss the schedule there.

The first lecture starts Tuesday, April 19 at 9:45 and the first problem class starts in the second week of lecturing.

The schedule, informations and access to lecture notes can be found on the lectures web page.

Lecture: Monday 15:45-17:15 SR 1.067
Tuesday 9:45-11:15 SR 1.067
Thursday 9:45-11:15 SR 1.067
Problem class: Tuesday 15:45-17:15 SR 3.061
Wednesday 9:45-11:15 SR 3.061