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Kollegseminar des Graduiertenkollegs (Wintersemester 2007/08)

Seminar: Montag 15:45-17:15 Seminarraum 11

In this seminar members of the Research Training Group 1294
"Analysis, Simulation and Design of Nanotechnological Processes" will present
results of their ongoing work.


11. Februar 2008 um 15:45, Seminarraum 11

Prof. Charles Stuart (EPF Lausanne): Modeling axi-symmetric traveling waves in a dielectric with nonlinear refractive index
We consider the propagation of monochromatic travelling waves through a dielectric medium with a nonlinear refractive index. The medium may be heterogeneous, but it has cylindrical symmetry. We consider all travelling waves having this cylindrical symmetry. We show that, for such solutions, Maxwell's equations reduce to a system of six coupled second order ordinary differential equations. The usual equations for TE and TM modes appear as special cases of this system.

Vortragseinladung (pdf)
Campusplan: Seminarraum 11

04. Februar 2008 um 15:45, Seminarraum 11

Melanie Reimers, Maria Radosz

Campusplan: Seminarraum 11

28. Januar 2008 um 15:45, Seminarraum 11

Tatjana Bulovjatova, Arne Schneck

Campusplan: Seminarraum 11

21. Januar 2008 um 15:45, Seminarraum 11

Axel Kraemer: A posteriori error estimation in eigenvalue problems

Campusplan: Seminarraum 11

14. Januar 2008 um 15:45, Seminarraum 11

Armin Lechleiter, Hannes Gerner und Nicolas Neuß

Campusplan: Seminarraum 11

17. Dezember 2007 um 15:45-17:15, Seminarraum 11

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reichel

A-priori bounds for discrete and continuous elliptic boundary value problems
Zusammenfassung: On a bounded domain consider nonlinear elliptic boundary value problems of the form \Delta u = f(x,u) together with its finite difference discretization \Delta_h u = f(x,u). If positive weak solutions of the continuous problem (with zero Dirichlet boundary conditions) satisfy apriori bounds, is the same true for the discretized problem? In this talk I will address some recent developments concerning this question.

Prof. Dr. Roland Schnaubelt

Wellposedness of Maxwell's equations with boundary control and observation
Zusammenfassung: We consider linear homogeneous Maxwell's equations with time depending scalar electric permittivity and magnetic permeability subject to a certain class of boundary control and observation. The wellposedness of this control system is established by treating it as a multiplicative time varying perturbation of a time invariant control problem.

Weitere Informationen (pdf)
Campusplan: Seminarraum 11

03. Dezember 2007 um 15:45, Seminarraum 11

Ferenc Izsak (Gast)
Titel: A posteriori error estimation and h-adaptive finite element methods for the time harmonic Maxwell equations
Abstract: An h-adaptive finite element approximation of the time harmonic Maxwell equations is presented. As a main ingredient of the adaptation algorithm a local a posteriori error estimate is analyzed. The performance of the error estimator and the FE solver are tested on a series of non-trivial examples.

Campusplan: Seminarraum 11

26. November 2007 um 15:45, Seminarraum 11

Alexander Bulovyatov

Campusplan: Seminarraum 11

17. Oktober 2007 um 14:00, Seminarraum 11

Dr. Tomas Dohnal:
"Gap Solitons and Coupled Mode Equations in Periodic Structures"
Dr. Christian Engstrom and Markus Richter:
"Spectrum of the Periodic Maxwell Operator in a Dispersive Medium"

Campusplan: Seminarraum 11