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Advanced Topics in Numer. Analysis 2 / Num. Math. III (Summer Semester 2007)

Lecture: Wednesday 8:00-9:30 Mittl. HS Raum 150 Geb. 10.91 Begin: 18.4.2007, End: 19.7.2007
Thursday 9:45-11:15 Mittl. HS Raum 150 Geb. 10.91

This course investigates the following advanced topics:

I. Numerical Treatment of Differential Equations: Ordinary/Partial Differential Equations (ODEs/PDEs), linear PDEs of order two (classification: elliptic, hyperbolic,parabolic type), model equations, examples, fundamental principles of numerical methods, finite differences, variational methods.

II. Boundary-Value and Eigenvalue Problems of ODEs: The boundary-value problem of Sturm, shooting method, multiple shooting, methods of finite differences, variational method, Ritz method, spline functions, comparison of the methods, eigenvalue problem of Sturm-Liouville, Euler's breaking load.

III. Boundary-Value Problems of Elliptic PDEs: Finite difference methods for Dirichlet problems, Laplace operator, Poisson equation, Dirichlet and Neumann problems of the Poisson equation, stability, solution of the finite difference equations, block SOR, cg-method, variational method and finite elements, Ritz method, ansatz functions.

IV. Initial- and Boundary-Value Problems of Hyperbolic and Prabolic PDEs: Finite difference methods for hyperbolic problems, wave equation, the CFL condition, conservation laws, Burgers equation, finite difference methods for parabolic problems, heat equation, order of convergence, Crank-Nickolson, method of lines, semi-discretization.


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