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Dr. Johannes Ernesti

Welcome to my homepage!


My research interests include the following topics:

  • Space-time discretizations of wave equations using the Finite Element Method
  • Discontinuous-Petrov-Galerkin-Methods (DPG)
  • Parameter identifaction for linear wave equations - Full Waveform Inversion (FWI)
  • Regularized inexact Newton methods
  • The implementation of methods above for parallel exascale computers
  • Relation of Machine Learning and Inverse Problems methodologies

Publications - submitted



We developed a playground to experience acoustic waves in inhomogenuous media. Further, you can observe a simple FWI-algorithm at work.
You can find more information at Seismic Imaging.

Current List of Courses
Semester Titel Typ
Winter Semester 2018/19 Seminar
Winter Semester 2017/18 Lecture
Summer Semester 2017 Lecture
Winter Semester 2016/17 Lecture
Summer Semester 2016 Lecture
Summer Semester 2015 Lecture
Winter Semester 2014/15 Lecture