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Dr. Martin Sauter

Current List of Courses
Semester Titel Typ
Winter Semester 2010/11 Lecture
Summer Semester 2010 Lecture
Winter Semester 2009/10 Lecture
Summer Semester 2009 Lecture

Fields of interest

Finite element method

  • Mixed methods (Stokes, Least Squares, H(\operatorname*{div}) discretizations)
  • Effective solvers (Multigrid, Krylov-subspace iterations)
  • Time-dependent problems (parabolic and hyperbolic)
  • Parallel implementation (MPI-based)
  • Mesh generation and visualisation
  • Nonlinear equations

Mathematical Modelling / Continuum mechanics

  • Plasticity of granular media (Cam-Clay, Drucker-Prager)
  • Gradient plasticity (Aifantis)
  • Crystal plasticity
  • Flow in porous media (Darcy, Richards)
  • Wave propagation in porous media (Biot)
  • Financial engineering (Black-Scholes)

Nonlinear solution algorithms / Optimization

  • Semismooth Newton-Method
  • SQP-Method
  • Active set strategies
  • Interior-Point algorithms
  • Augmented-Lagrangian methods


Earlier Teaching experience

  • Winter term 2008/09: Numerical Methods in Financial Engineering
  • Summer term 2008: Optimization I
  • Winter term 2007/08: Optimization II
  • Sommer term 2007: Optimization I

Slides Africomp

Slides Cape Town


A hint for all examinees: In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess. (The Zen of Python)