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German-French Summerschool 2012

French-German University Summer School in Fluid Mechanics Ecole d’été de Mécanique des Fluides de l’Université Franco-Allemande

Sommerschule - Ecole d'ete


23-28 September, Nice Maison du Séminaire

Veranstaltungsseite bei der INRIA


Jacques Blum, University of Nice, INRIA Sophia- Antipolis
Data assimilation for geophysical problems: variational and sequential techniques

Nicolas Favrie, University of Aix-Marseille III
A multiphase flow model for elastoplastic-fluid interaction

Birgit Futterer, University of Cottbus
Control of convection in both the vertical and the horizontal annulus

Serguey Gavrilyuk, University of Marseille III
Shear flows of shallow water

Paola Goatin, INRIA Sophia Antipolis – OPALE Project-Team
Traffic flow modeling by conservation laws

Hervé Guillard, INRIA Sophia- Antipolis – CASTOR Project-Team
Low Mach number flows : Theory and numerical problems

Maria Lukacova, University of Mainz
Fluid-Structure Interaction with Application in Hemodynamics: Analysis and Simulation

Arianna Passerini, University of Ferrara
Natural convection in cylindrical geometry

Andreas Prohl, University of Tübingen
Numerical analysis of the Navier-Stokes equations with noise

Bernd Rummler, University of Magdeburg
Modeling and numerical approximation of general pipe flows

Michael Ruzicka, University of Freiburg
Problems with p-structure: analysis and numerics

Maria Specovius, University of Kassel
How to solve boundary value problems in unbounded domains?