Webrelaunch 2020

Hybrid 3D Printing

Project in the KIT Competence Area Systems and Processes in cooperation with the BLM at KIT.

Rapid prototyping has become an integral part of planning and production processes in a variety of disciplines. They enable the rapid and direct assessment of essential planning steps and the industrial production of personalized products. For additive printing methods, the use of support materials for overhanging parts of the object lead to increased material costs that are to be minimized in this project.

Mathematical modeling and optimization of 3D printing methods

The project addresses the following topics:

  • Mathematical modeling of a new hybrid 3D printing method
  • Numerical optimization of processing steps
  • Prototypical implementation of the printing method


Institute for Applied and Numerical Mathematics 4

Building Lifecycle Management (BLM)



The project proposal of Dr. Volker Koch und Prof. Dr. Sebastian Ritterbusch received funding in the KIT STUB program of the Excellence Initative in the Competence Area Systems and Processes.