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Advanced Mathematics III (ID) (Winter Semester 2007/08)

This lecture is mandantory for students enrolled in the International program in Mechanical Engineering at the International Department. This is the english class of the lecture Advanced Mathematics III (German) for ciw/biw/vt/mach/mage.

The times given for the lectures may not be correct.

Lecture: Monday 9:45-11:15 International Department SR 202
Wednesday 11:30-13:00 International Department SR 202
Problem class: Wednesday 14:00-15:30 International Department SR 202
Lecturer, Problem classes Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Harald Kuhn
Office hours: Termin nach Vereinbarung
Room Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
Email: harald.kuhn@kit.edu


The exam in Advanced Mathematics III is 2h 30m long and consists of 5 problems.