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Maxwell's equations (Summer Semester 2007)

Lecture: Tuesday 9:45-11:15 Seminarraum 31
Lecturer PD Dr. Frank Hettlich
Office hours: Wednesday 10:30am - 12am and on appointment
Room 1.042 Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
Email: frank.hettlich@kit.edu

A system of partial differential equations, the Maxwell equations, is the basis for electro dynamics. The lecture will present some basic mathematical aspects of the Mathematics of these differential equations. Potential theoretical concepts as well as weak formulations will be shown. Especially the mathematical theory of the scattering of electromagnetic waves will be discussed.

The lecture is adressed to graduated students in Mathematics, Physics or Electrotechnics. Basic knowledge on partial differential equations and functional analysis is desirable, but there will be hints on suitable references during the lecture.

The lecture may be given in English, if the students do agree.


(hints on references will be given during the lecture)