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Numerical treatment of integral equations (Winter Semester 2004/05)

In this class, the common methods for the numerical solution of integral equations will be explained.

Lecture: Monday 11:30-13:00 Seminarraum 33 Begin: 18.10.2004, End: 14.2.2005
Problem class: Tuesday 11:30-13:00 Seminarraum 33 Begin: 19.10.2004, End: 15.2.2005
Lecturer, Problem classes PD Dr. Frank Hettlich
Office hours: Wednesday 10:30am - 12am and on appointment
Room 1.042 Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
Email: frank.hettlich@kit.edu
Lecturer, Problem classes PD Dr. Tilo Arens
Office hours: Wednesday 11:00-12:00 Uhr
Room 1.047 Kollegiengebäude Mathematik (20.30)
Email: tilo.arens@kit.edu